The agenda is to be updated continuously.
Restaking & DeFi
10:00-10:20 Fireside Chat
Arisa Toyosaki, Co-Founder and CEO, Cega; Philip Forte, CEO, Elixir
10:20-10:35 Keynote Speech: Future of DeFi Derivatives. Path to 1 Trillion in Daily Volume
Charles d'Haussy, CEO, dYdX Foundation
10:35-10:50 Keynote Speech
Joseph Poon, CEO, Warp
10:50-11:05 Keynote Speech
Fiona Ma, Senior Associate, DWF Ventures
11:05-11:45 Panel Discussion: Rstaking: Challenges and Opportunities
Jacob Ko, Founding Partner, Superscrypt (MC); Min Teo, Managing Partner and Co-Founder, Ethereal; Adam Winnick, Founding Partner, Finality Capital; Alan Curtis, CEO, Rio Network; Tina Haibodi, External Strategy Lead, Eigen Labs
11:45-12:00 Keynote Speech
Allen Ding, Founder, Ebunker
12:00-12:20 Fireside Chat
Rudy Lu, APAC Partner, Infstones; Christina, CMO and Core Contributor, Puffer
Animoca Brands & Chromia: Forging Web3's Future
More Details:
2:00 - 2:15
​2:15 - 2:25 Opening Remarks (Mandarin)
Evan Auyang, Group President, Animoca Brands
​2:25 - 2:35 Keynote Speech (English)
Erik Frisk, Head of Developer Experience, Chromia
2:35 - 3:00 Navigating Digital Asset Trading: Thrive Through Volatility (English)
Speakers: Josh Du, Head of Digital Assets Portfolio, Animoca Brands; Vivian Lui, Derivatives Specialist, TDX Strategies; Hong Qi Yu, CEO, Tokenize Xchange; Moderator: Esme Pau, Co-Founder, EmergentX Digital Assets Insights
3:00 - 3:25 Bridging the Gap: Bringing Web3 Gaming to the Mainstream (English)
Speakers: Brian Chan, Head of Strategy & Operations, Animoca Brands; Matt Solomon, Motorverse Brand Ambassador, Animoca Brands; Manfred Pack, Project Lead, Mines of Dalarnia; Antonio Palma, Business Director, My Neighbor Alice; Moderator: Jingwen Sun, Founder, Asymm Ventures
3:25 - 3:50 Bridging Digital and Physical: Web3 Assets Meet Real-World Assets (Mandarin)
Speakers: Josh Du, Head of Digital Assets, Animoca Brands; Minh Do, Chief Operating Officer, Animoca Brands; Patricia Ho, General Counsel, Scroll; Moderator: Dick Fong, Co-Founder & CEO, Finnovise
3:50 - 4:00 Mocaverse Keynote Speech (Mandarin)
Kenneth Shek, Mocaverse Lead, Animoca Brands
4:00 - 4:25 Chromia: Modular Layer 1 for High Performance AI Applications (English)
Speakers: KC, Co-Founder, Chasm; CK Cheung, Co-Founder, Tensorplex Labs; Matthew Tang, Head of Ecosystem, Virtual Protocol; Moderator: Yeou Jie Goh, Head of Asia Pacific, Chromia
4:25 - 4:35 Building Immersive Worlds: The Potential of On-Chain Gaming (English)
Riccardo Sibani, CPO, My Neighbor Alice
4:35 - 5:00 Web3 Gaming in Asia (English)
Speakers: Frank Cheng, Lorekeeper & Co-Founder, Apeiron; Jarindr Thitadilaka, Founder, GuildFi; Andy Chou, Head of Corporate and Business Development, YGG; Moderator: Yeou Jie Goh, Head of Asia Pacific, Chromia