Below names are listed in no particular order
The Honourable Michael Wong Wai-lun, GBS, JP
Acting Financial Secretary, the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
Duncan Chiu
Legislative Council Member (Technology & Innovation Constituency), Hong Kong
Joseph H. L. CHAN
Under Secretary for Financial Services and the Treasury, The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Financial Services and the Treasury Bureau
Dr.XIAO Feng
Chairman of Wanxiang Blockchain, Chairman and CEO of HashKey Group
Cathie Wood
Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer, ARK Invest
Genki Oda
Chairman, Japan Virtual and Crypto assets Exchange Association
President, OKX
Dominic Williams
Founder and Chief Scientist, DFINITY Foundation
Steve Yun
President, TON Foundation
Founding Partner, DWF Labs
Livio Weng
COO of HashKey Group, CEO of HashKey Exchange
Avery Ching
Co-Founder and CTO, Aptos Labs
Lily Liu
President, Solana Foundation
Eli Ben Sasson
CEO and Co- Founder, StarkWare
Deborah FUHR
ETFGI, Managing Partner, Founder, Owner
Charles d'Haussy
CEO, dYdX Foundation
Abhay Kumar
CEO, Helium Foundation
Andy Chatham
Co-Founder, DIMO
David Lee
Chairman, Global FinTech Institute
Yike Guo
Provost, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Andy Dan
Head, HashKey Japan
Deng Chao
Head of HashKey Singapore, CEO of HashKey Capital
Joseph Poon
CEO, Warp
Yat Siu
Co-Founder and Chairman, Animoca Brands
Jordan Dunne
Head of DeFi, TON Wallet in Telegram
Anthony Chung
Chief Product Executive, Cregis
Partner & CPO, SlowMist
Partner and CTO, SlowMist
Miguel Palencia
Co-Founder, Qtum
Kang Li
Chief Security Officer, CertiK
Seth Ginns
Managing Partner and Head of Liquid Investments, CoinFund
Regional Growth Lead, Deepcoin Labs
Chen Yu
Cheif Advisor, KUN
Gavin Wang
Chief Investment Officer, SNZ Capital
Raagulan Pathy
Vice President, Asia Pacific, Circle
Frank Zhang
Executive Director, OKX Hong Kong
Alice Liu
Research Lead, CoinMarketCap
Annie Hui
COO and Co-Founder, Custonomy Company Limited
Kazuhiro Sudo
Arisa Toyosaki
Co-Founder and CEO, Cega
Lasse Clausen
Founding Partner, 1kx
Rita Liu
CEO, RD Technologies
Adam Farhat
Director of Partnerships, Alchemy Pay, APAC
Sal Gala
Founder, EV3
Co-Founder, EMC
Tess Hau
Founder, Tess Ventures
Vineet Budki
Managing Partner and CEO, Cypher Capital
APAC BD Lead, BNBChain
Hu Yilin
Associate Professor of Department of the History of Science at Tsinghua University, Founder of HuawenDao
Charlie Chen
Vice President, Asia Pacific, Raagulan Pathy
CEO, Regtank
Riccardo Sibani
CPO, My Neighbor Alice
Akina Ho
Co-Founder, AllStarsWomen DAO
Da Hongfei
Founder, NEO
John Liu
Head of Products for Blockchain and Web3, AWS
Product Lead, imToken
Hannah Cassidy
Partner, Herbert Smith Freehills; Asia Head, Financial Services Regulatory
Haseeb Qureshi
Managing Partner, Dragonfly Capital
Jong-Goo Yi
Senior Foreign Attorney, Kim & Chang
Yisi Liu
Co-Founder and CTO, Mask Network
Jay Lee
Partner, K&L Gates
Kai Xu
SY Lee
CEO and Co-founder, Story Protocol
Saneel Sreeni
Founding Member, Ritual.net
Yu Hu
CEO, Kaito.ai
Co-Founder, No Capital
Mo Dong
Co-Founder, Brevis
Anna Liu
General Manager of Tokenisation, HashKey Group
Ethan Sun
Co-Founder, MyShell
Scott Stuart
Co-Founder, Kava
Leo Li
CEO, HashKey Cloud
Paolo Chen
Loong Pui Fung Andrew
Principal Consultant, Cascade Capital Limited
Kennix Chan
Executive Director, Victory Securities Company Limited
Ryo Matsubara
Representative Director, Oasys Pte. Ltd.
Fredrik Ahlgren
CEO and Co-founder, Srcful.io
Luis Gruson
Co-Founder and BD Lead, Kwil
Sergei Medvedev
John Lilic
Executive Director, Telos Foundation
Co-Founder, VIP3
Ivy Peng
Founder, Open Infra Capital
Yang Jinyan
Secretary General, Hong Kong Virtual Assets Industry Association
John Hyman
Chief Investment Officer, Telegram APP
Jacqueline Qiao
Partner, Jun He Law Offices
Rich Rines
Initial Contributor, Core DAO
Sam Seo
Representative Director, Klaytn Foundation
Jerry Li
CEO, Artela Network
Co-Founder, NFTScan Labs
Co-Founder, PADO Labs
Kevin Lee
CEO, Gate.HK
Rishi Ramchandani
Head of APAC Web3 GTM, Google Cloud
Du Jun
Chen Bin
General Manager, Wanxiang Blockchain
Du Yu
General Manager of Wanxiang Blockchain Labs, Initiator of Future3 Campus
Seihaku Yoshida
CEO, HashPort
Operation Manager, TokenPocket
Daniel Andrade
CTO & Co-Founder, Hotspotty
Lily Z. King
COO, Cobo
Adrian Wang
Founder and CEO, Metalpha
Jan Camenisch
CTO, DFINITY Foundation
Leo Fan
Co-Founder, Cysic
Matthew Le Merle
Managing Partner & CEO, Blockchain Coinvestors
Shai Wyborski
Core Researcher, GHOSTDAG Coauthor, Kaspa
Stanley Huo
Partner & Head of Asia, Hivemind Capital
Steve Lee
Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Neoclassic Capital
Head of Blockchain Business, gumi Inc.
Founder, AltLayer
Michael Chen
Head, HashKey Wealth
Ming Wu
Co-Founder & CTO, Conflux
Abba Garba
Head of Product and Partnership, arkreen Network
Adrian Clevenot
Digital Assets Markets Lead, PwC HK
Alan Curtis
CEO, Rio Network
Andrew Law
Research Scientist, IoTeX
Anthony Blackburn
Growth Lead, Gunzilla Games
CEO, GMNetwork
Dayon Elings
Business Developer, bloXmove
Diana Biggs
Partner, 1kx
CEO, TerpLayer
Founder, Foresight Ventures; Chairman, The Block
Henry Zhang
Founder & CEO, DigiFT
Joey Jiang
VP, Seeedstudio
Kang Shen
Founder, Hash Global
Co-Founder & Chief Content Officer, Moore Finance
Richard Liu
Co-founder & Co-CEO, Huma Finance
Founder, PowerPod
Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer, HOLDSTATION
Victor Zhou
CEO of Namefi, Ethereum EIP Editor
Ryan Chen
Managing Partner, HashKey Capital
Yiming Wang
Partner, JDI
Yuan Gao
Head of Growth, Helium Foundation
Cao Meiying
Co-Initiator, ThreeDAO
Eric Chan
Chief Public Mission Officer, Hong Kong Cyberport
Angel Xu
Co-Founder, Zircuit
Anurag Arjun
Co-Founder, Avail
Cobe Zhang
Head of Web3 and AI products, ZAN
Daniel Dai
Partner, LFG
Fiona Ma
Senior Associate, DWF Ventures
Georgi Koreli
Founder, Hinkal
Henrique Centieiro
Research Manager, Hashkey Capital
Nico Burkart
Partnerships & Business Development, Streamr Network
Philip Forte
Founder, Elixir
Sergey Nazarov
Co-Founder, Chainlink
Viola Lee
COO of Metalist Game, Operation Manager of Cards Ahoy!
Xiao Zhang
Founder, zCloak Network
Jason Gu
CEO, NetEase Chain; Game Advisor, Cards Ahoy!
Balal Khan
Co-Founder, ZKEX.com
Ray Xiao
Senior Director, IOSG Ventures
Founder, PunkCode
Chae Ho Shin
CFO, 1inch
Darshan Vaidya
CEO & Co-Founder, Credora
Eo Hao
Co-Founder, Future Money Group
Eva Beylin
Director, The Graph
Giselle Lai
Associate Investment Director of Digital Assets, Fidelity International
Jacob Ko
General Partner, Superscrypt
Jose Marcelino
Solutions Architect, RAKwireless
Jupiter Zheng
Partner, HashKey Capital
Lin Zheming
Co-Founder & CEO, Mempool and DotSwap
Marc Boiron
Chief Executive Officer, Polygon Labs
Merida PAN
COO, Magic Circle Technology Limited
Michael Lau
Senior Vice President & Global Head of Sales, Bullish
Rene Z
Founder, CharacterX
Tegan Kline
CEO, Edge & Node
Audrey Tang
Founder, DRK Lab
Co-Founder, ABCDE
Dongliang Guo
VP, Product & Solutions, Alibaba Cloud International
Emi Yoshikawa
VP, Strategic Initiatives, Ripple
Partner & Head of APAC Investment, Web3Port Foundation
Co-Founder, Trusta Labs
Rock Zhang
Founder, Network3
Rosa Hu
Senior Tokenisation Manager, HashKey Group
Shawn Lim
Founder & Partner, Artichoke Capital
Zack Yang
Co-Founder, FOMO Pay
Zhixiong Pan
Co-Founder, ChainFeeds
Co-Founder, Wizz Wallet
Hui Zhang
Christoph Simmchen
Co-Founder, Safe Ecosystem Foundation
Jerry Liu
Founding Partner, Waterdrip Capital
Keith Chen
Managing Partner, SNZ Capital
Leo Lin
Founder, arkreen
Sascha Kubisch
Co-Founder & CTO, penomo
Tina Haibodi
External Strategy Lead, Eigen Labs
Jianping Kong
Founder, Nano Labs
Yaling Liao
Head of Partnership, TLay
Amos Zhang
Early Contributor, NEAR; Founder, MetaWeb Ventures
Arron Goolsbey
COO, Mythical Games
Daniel Marin
CEO, Nexus
Dennis Song
Chief Security Officer, Mind Network
Derek Wang
Head of Sales & Client Service, Bosera International
Dexter Luo
General Manager of Ecosystem Partnership, Fibocom Wireless
Giovanni Vicioso
Global Head of Cryptocurrency Products, CME Group
Illia Polosukhin
Co-Founder, NEAR Protocol
Jagdeep Sidhu
CEO/President, SYS Labs/SYS Foundation
Architect, Nervos
Senior Vice President & Head of Exchange Traded Products, Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited
Founder, Merlin Chain
Jeffrey Hu
Head of Investment Research, HashKey Capital
Kenny Li
Co-Founder, Manta Network
Leona Hioki
Co-Founder, INTMAX
Max Rebol
CEO & Managing Partner, Harbour Industrial Capital
Meng Wu
Terence Lam
COO, Taiko
Tom Ngo
Executive Lead, Metis
Yoshiaki Harai
Director, Brilliantcrypto
Ecosystem Lead, Nervos CKB
Shen Yu
Co-Founder & CEO, Cobo
Augustus Ilag
Investment Partner, Head of Asia, CMT
Co-Founder, VIP3
David Tse
Founder, Babylon
Devon Sin
Alternate Chief Executive, ZA Bank
Ellidan Cober
Emma Cui
Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Longhash Ventures
Co-Founder, GoPlus
Founder of ChainIDE, Executive Committee Member of ETH Riyadh
Paul Kremsky
Head of Business Development, Cumberland
Rena Shah
VP Products & Operations, Trust Machines
Managing Partner, SNZ
Co-Founder, Berachain
Sreeram Kannan
CEO, EigenLabs
Yves La Rose
CEO, EOS Network Foundation
Jeff Ren
Partner, OKX Ventures
Han Tang
Founder, SeeDAO
Xing Kong
Founder, Bixin Group
Founder, Discoco Labs
Emily Parker
John Riggins
Partner, BTC Inc
Kuleen Nimkar
Head of DePIN, Solana Foundation
Mingshi Song
Head of Strategy, Astar Network
Patricia Ho
General Counsel of Scroll, Scroll
Rodney Yesep
Partner, hack.vc
Head of Incubator, SeeDAO
Siyao Li
Tokenisation Manager and Legal Advisor, HashKey Tokenisation
Uri Ferruccio
CEO, Concordia
Yuning Liang
Founder & CEO, Xcalibyte & DeepComputing
Pauline Fan
Senior Vice President, Fintech, InvestHK
Wang Feng
CEO & Founder, Element
Ann Chien
Partner, IVC
Jehan Chu
Founder, Kenetic Capital
Jonathan Gill
Senior Tokenisation Director & Legal Advisor, HashKey Tokenisation
Norbert Wei
Chief Advisor, PROME Network
Graham Friedman
Head of Growth, Roam
Calanthia Mei
Co-Founder, Masa
Carl Hua
General Partner, Reforge
Dato Fadzli Shah
Co-Founder, Zetrix
Jerry Liu
Chief Innovation Officer, Gunzilla Games
Sandeep Nailwal
Co-Founder, Polygon
Co-Founder, ORA
Jason Kam
Founder, Folius Ventures
Kevin Tao
Solutions Architect, Alibaba Cloud Hong Kong
Lotus Wang
Operations Lead, SERAPH
Patrick McCorry
Researcher, Arbitrum Foundation
Paul Kim
Founder, Notifi
Rushi Manche
Founder, Movement Labs
Tim Wang
COO, Elixir Protocol
Yunwen Liu
Senior Researcher, Cryptape
Denis Fadeev
Head of Developer Experience, ZetaChain
Founder & CEO, Earn Alliance
Edward Tan
Senior Investor, Hashed
Hannah Yang
Co-Founder, TerpLayer
Kevin Shao
Co-Founder of Bitrise Capital, Executive Chairman of ABGA, Advisor to ICC Group
Min Teo
Managing Partner, Ethereal Ventures
Rudy Lu
APAC Partner, Infstones
Jaline Han
Head, HashKey Research
Alex Rawitz
Co-Founder, DIMO
Abdallah Abu-Sheikh
Co-Founder, Astra Tech; CEO, Botim
Anson Zeall
Chief Strategy Officer & Head of Compliance, dtcpay
Ceridwen Choo
CEO, DCS Innov
Charles Huang
Chairman, DCS Fintech Holdings
Chia Hock Lai
Co-chairman, Digital Assets Association
Cody Lee
Daniel Lee
Head of Web3, Banking Circle
Emil Chan
Co-Chair, Hong Kong Digital Finance Association
Helen Chen
Chief Strategy Officer, FGA
Kevin He
Co-Founder, Bitlayer Labs
Partner, Fangda Partners
Nicole Nguyen
Co-Founder, APAC DAO
Paul Li
President, Hong Kong Fintech Industry Association
Seun Lanlege
Founder & Lead Scientist, Polytope Labs
Adam Winnick
Founding Partner, Finality Capital
Kenny Zhang
Ecosystem Growth Lead, LayerZero
Kobby Chen
Investment Director, Fenbushi Capital
Par Helgosson
Head of Web3 and Metaverse, PSG
Samson Lee
Founder, Atomicals
Yang Li
Founder, Orangepaper
Chris Zhu
Co-Founder, Sonic
Sandy J.
Global Business Development Director, Deepcoin Labs
Michael Tong
CEO, Xterio
Co-Founder, Nervos CKB; Founder, CELL Studio